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Help us to fight animal cruelty

At hope Donors, we strongly believe that animals deserve to live their life free of pain and full of hope and love. Therefore, we try to give them the life we believe they deserve on a daily basis. However, we need your help to reach out and help more of them.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world animals are stray with no one to take care of them or are being abandoned by their owners. Animal abandonment is a widespread issue, with only 11% of abandoned entering shelters as strays are returned or taken back by their owners. Many of them become ill, injure or suffer abuses on the streets and require doctors, medicine, surgeries, and shelter to survive. Depending on the nature of illness or injury, veterinary costs including surgery can exceed $8,000.

At Hope Donors, we are saving the animals. We find, provide medical care and shelter to give them the life they deserve. We kindly ask you to donate hope and love to these animals and help us to keep our promises to them.


Veterinary Care for stray dogs in South Africa

rescued and provided food, medical treatment and shelter

Veterinary care in India

Provided medical care in Bangalore and health care and sterilization in Mumbai