Care for AWARE's Ambassador Animals

Care for AWARE's Ambassador Animals


Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE) treats over 1,300 injured or orphaned wild animals yearly. The majority are able to be rehabilitated & returned to the wild. However, a small percentage have sustained severe injuries or have lost their fear of humans & cannot be released. Some of these animals become educational Ambassador Animals and help AWARE engage the public in lessons on how to peacefully co-exist with our wild neighbors. This project supports the care of our Ambassador Animals


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While most animals under AWARE’s care are able to be released to the wild following rehabilitation, a small percentage become permanent residents at the Center and are used as educational Ambassador Animals in our mission to educate the public on how to peacefully co-exist with our wild neighbors. Care for an Ambassador Animal can top $5,000 each year, depending on the species.


Funds will provide food, medical care, enclosure upgrades, and enrichment activities to keep our Ambassador Animals happy and healthy. Each Ambassador spends hours each week with volunteers dedicated to helping them thrive in captivity. Our Ambassadors travel the region to help illustrate the effects humans can have on wildlife when they are careless. Each Ambassador has its own distinctive personality, & each helps to deliver a different message on how to safeguard our wild neighbors.

Long-Term Impact

Ambassadors’ participation in our educational programs allows community members to get an up close view of native Georgia wildlife that they may have only seen in books. This experience, combined with our message on how to peacefully co-exist with wildlife, helps the public form a personal commitment to preserving natural habitat. Our hope is that the experiences with our Ambassadors will result in a public dedicated to safe-guarding natural resources and caring for its inhabitants.

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