Crisis at Kabul Airport

Families are waiting hungry, thirsty, and tired under the scorching sun. The Afghanistan crisis has made many Afghans go to airports in hope of leaving the country. The chaos around Kabul International Airport and the rising death toll there are the results of civilian attempts to leave Afghanistan amid Taliban rule. 


The situation on the ground is still dangerous due to security threats, and families are facing many challenges inside the airport. However, Joe Biden has promised to evacuate all Americans and Afghans who support them, but so far only 2,500 Americans have managed to leave Afghanistan.

Inside the airport, thousands are ready and waiting for outbound flights, as they are waiting for the United States to deliver on its promise. They have to sleep on the asphalt and spend the days in the scorching sun. In addition to lack of food and clean water, there is now the issue of unaccompanied children at Kabul airport. These are children who have been separated from their families either due to population pressure or have been forced to leave their parents. According to a source, four orphans are now at the airport terminal. Their father was killed by the Taliban and their mother died due to the crowd. US officials did not find a guardian for them and do not know what to do with them.

Hope Donors have sent packages of food and water to unaccompanied and lost children in the Kabul Airport. However, there are still many people in the airport in need of food and clean water. For more information, please follow our work through our social media.