effect of covid-19 on education in uganda

Schools being closed means no safe place for many children and no access to learning tools. Since the start of the pandemic, Uganda’s schools have been closed. 15 million students have been affected, including 600,000 refugee children. 


In the Bidibidi refugee camp, hosting over 280,000 refugees mainly from South Sudan, more than 80,000 kids have been affected by school closures. While Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports in partnership with UNICEF have provided the printing and distribution of learning materials for primary and secondary schools, there are still many children who are being left out because lessons are broadcast on TV and radio stations. But some children do not have access to any of these tools. “I know that lessons are going on on several radios and televisions since the government shut down schools, but I do not attend simply because we do not have a radio set or television screen at home,” So instead, they help their mother earn some money.

Hope Donors have been supporting Children in Uganda with learning tools, stationery, and radios so they can attend classes. For more information on our activity in Uganda, please follow our social media.