End animal suffering in KCMO urban core

End animal suffering in KCMO urban core


COH outreach ends suffering and overpopulation of animals through support and education to pet owners, rescue of abused and neglected animals, and medical care, foster and adoption of those animals to loving permanent homes. Outreach workers search daily for animals in the city’s most high risk neighborhoods, providing food, water, shelter, assistance with medical care and spay and neutering. In one year, COH provides support to over 1600 households, assisting nearly 3000 animals.


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Thousands of animals are euthanized in areas shelters every year as a result of unwanted litters and pets who are abandoned by owners who can’t provide for them. In an environment where dogs are chained in back yards for the purpose of “guarding” and spay and neutering is not understood, overpopulation and disease runs rampant. Outreach benefits the whole community by reducing overpopulation and preventing or ending needless suffering of animals through education and support to their owners.


Traditional and public means to respond to animals in need has only the capacity to respond to the most severe situations. COH fills the gap by searching for animals in high risk neighborhoods whose families need support to provide adequate care, and education to become responsible pet owners. Through outreach, COH provides animals with food, clean water, shelter, protection against fly bites and disease, and assists with spay and neutering, emergency and other medical care.

Long-Term Impact

Over 1600 households will receive support to meet basic needs of their pets and over 3000 animals will be relieved of suffering, abuse, and neglect. Pet overpopulation will be reduced through the prevention of hundreds of unwanted litters. And the the long term impact for the community is a change in attitude and understanding about the humane care and treatment of animals.

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