Food for Romanian Animals

Food for Romanian Animals


22 pounds of food costs between $6 and $7, and can feed 20 – 30 animals per day, depending on their size and season of the year (i.e. during freezing winter weather more food is needed). There are an estimated 2.5 millions stray dogs in Romania on the streets and in poor shelters, suffering from starvation,abandonment and neglect Romania Animal Rescue’s help includes spay/neuter, education,veterinary care, and food. We intend to bring that food source to them, with your valuable help.


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Under Communism, Romanian citizens were forced to relocate into cities to work in factories. Dogs were abandoned on the streets by those who could not house them in city apartments, and have been repopulating for the past 50 years. While Romania Animal Rescue has our massive spay/neuter program for dogs so that less puppies will be born to suffer, we feel obligated to help feed those who are already living on the streets, in shelters, and who are under guardianship of impoverished citizens.


Dogs on the streets will no longer need to eat trash or bones, and the caretakers of the strays and impoverished guardians will have a means to feed their beloved animals and not watch them suffer or die of starvation. Shelters will have more funds to update and repair their infrastructures if we can alleviate some of their food costs.

Long-Term Impact

Countless people will benefit from this help……children as well as adults will no longer have to witness starving animals on a regular basis. Shelters will not have their animals suffer from starvation. This, combined with our spay/neuter program, will alleviate the suffering of thousands and potentially millions of animals who were born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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