Help Allen & His Friends Fly to USA

Help Allen & His Friends Fly to USA


Allen and 14 of his friends are SURVIVORS. They’ve been through the unimaginable. That’s in the past now, and nothing but a life of color awaits them in USA. They have a chance of a lifetime to make a getaway from the shelter. In a few short weeks, they can start the next chapter of their life. Please help them board a plane destined for Chicago on May 6, 2021, where they can be adopted into loving families. See before and after photos here,


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There are currently 500 dogs living in GWARP’s shelter in Azerbaijan. Less than 1% has been adopted by the local public in over 5 years. Stray dogs are treated with abuse and malice. They are shot, tortured, & even burned with acid. They have no rights in Azerbaijan. Without this flight, Allen and his friends will never have a home. No one adopts an amputee or mixed breeds. The dogs have just made it through a freezing winter, & an intense summer awaits them if they don’t board this flight.


Allen and friends can be cherished for the rest of their life. Since January 2021, a total of 46 dogs and 3 cats have arrived to USA. They have never been happier. Dogs that have sat quietly in the shelter corner, are now smiling, running, and enjoying life as seen in the update videos from their forever homes in the United States. These are desperate animals in a desperate situation. This freedom flight is their ONLY way out.

Long-Term Impact

No dog belongs in the shelter. Their life can be completely transformed with a 12 hour flight. This is a life saving mission for fifteen deserving and patiently waiting souls.

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