Help Lucas & Friends Fly to USA

Help Lucas & Friends Fly to USA


Lucas and four of his friends, all survivors of abuse, are now rehabilitated and have the chance of a lifetime! They can fly to the US and start the next chapter of their life. They can escape the shelter right before winter. There’s nothing for them in Azerbaijan. Please help us get them to New York where they can find their perfect family.


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Without this flight, Lucas, Scooby, Lurch, Domino and Abby, will never make it out of the shelter. It is impossible to adopt them out in Azerbaijan. No one will adopt an amputee, a paraplegic, a mixed breed, and a dog that has suffered in the past. Everyone wants a puppy. The situation is dire in Azerbaijan; new dogs are being rescued daily, and winter is right around the corner. All five live in a shelter with over 400 dogs.


They can be cherished for the rest of their life. Since the start of Covid-19, dogs have been unable to fly. We have found a cargo plane operated by Turkish Airlines that flies daily from Baku, Azerbaijan to New York JFK Airport. Due to the pandemic, prices have substantially increased. The airline charges based on weight ($49 per kg), and there are costs for their kennels, vaccines, passports, and microchips. This is their ONLY way out.

Long-Term Impact

No dog belongs in the shelter. Their life can be completely transformed with just one 19 hour flight. This is a life saving changing mission for five waiting souls.

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