Help Suffering Animals Get Medical Treatment

Help Suffering Animals Get Medical Treatment


The faster we can get to an animal in peril, the faster it can receive medical treatment. We get calls every day for animals in desperate situations. We do all we can, but with one vehicle, and limited spare in our intensive care unit, it can become days. A dedicated rescue vehicle is needed, as well as an upgrade to our intensive care and isolation units. We need to rescue animals quicker and increase our capacity to handle more animals due to the rapid increase in infectious diseases.


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At Lanta Animal Welfare, we receive many requests every day about animals in critical situations. Our current ‘1 vehicle’ severely limits our ability to help all the animals in need as does our growing service area. With the increase in infectious diseases, the calls are increasing. Our delayed response to animals, both to pick them up, and put them in the intensive care or isolation unit, means many die in terrible pain or suffer for days waiting for treatment.


A dedicated rescue ambulance and an upgraded Intensive Care and Isolation Unit will ensure that the suffering animals get the treatment they deserve. Our medical team will be able to quickly respond to the animal’s needs with immediate diagnosis and life-saving surgery on the spot. Our clinic will be able to treat more diseased animals. More lives will be saved, diseased animals can be isolated while they heal, and less animals will suffer while waiting for medical help.

Long-Term Impact

Lanta Animal Welfare, with a dedicated equipped ambulance, and an improved clinic able to handle diseased animals, will be able to meet the animal rescue needs of the growing local community, what is now expanding to the mainland and surrounding islands. The locals will be more confident in our ability to relieve the pain and suffering of animals and turn to us when animals are in peril.

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