No-Kill Sanctuary for Abused & Special Needs Cats

No-Kill Sanctuary for Abused & Special Needs Cats


Our cage-less sanctuary provides abandoned, abused, homeless, and special need animals with the love, shelter, and medical attention that they desperately need. Since opening our doors in 2001, we have spearheaded the veterinary care, adoption, and placement of over 15,000 animals; partnered with 40 animal control agencies and high-kill animal shelters, lowering regional euthanasia rates by up to 90%; and facilitated millions of wet kisses. Sanctuary occupancy ranges from 30 to 50 residents.


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Every year in the US, over 6 million animals are surrendered to shelters; over 900,000 animals are euthanized. Thousands more are illegally released, abused, and forced to live under inhumane conditions. This national crisis requires consistent and unstinting attention, for, as Gandhi said, “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” This project provides direct daily support and care of mistreated, abandoned, and special needs animals.


Our sanctuary currently provides care for approximately 30 permanent residents and has space to accommodate more. Through our partnerships with over 140 animal welfare organizations, we help find or provide transition housing for adoptable animals; work with local area shelters to take in special need cases that come into the shelter; provide emergency medical care and recovery treatment for animals transitioning from abuse, abandonment, or unsafe living conditions.

Long-Term Impact

The long term impact of this project is to eliminate animal euthanasia. While we are regional – helping animals in MD, DC, VA – we serve animals from DE, PA, WV, Puerto Rico, Kuwait, and beyond and are part of national and international no-kill movement. In this respect, sick or special needs animals that come to the Rude Ranch sanctuary but are not adopted out are able to get sustained medical attention and to live out their lives in a loving and safe environment.

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