People Requests

People around the globe who ask for help

Everyone needs help once in a while. The following steps will unpack the process of asking for help.

Clarify What Kind of Help You Need

Before you ask for help, clarify what you need. Knowing this can determine who you ask and what you need them to do. Think about your problem and decide what missing part matters the most. 

Be Specific 

  • Who – Who needs help? Clarify if it’s only you or if others are involved.
  • How – How will their actions help you? Explain what you have tried already and where you fall short.
  • Where – Where do you need to have help? Narrow down the part that you need help with, or a physical location if that applies.
  • When – When do you need help? State a deadline, if you have one.
  • What – What is your specific need? Spell out what you want in plain language.

People Projects


provide safe water for people in kitui county

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Women group meeting -Kilifi County

improvement of livelihood in Kilifi County

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Provide Basic Necessity of life for orphans in Kyandondo County

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Supporting Children with basic needs in Machakos County

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