Provide Vet Care to Abandoned Animals

Provide Vet Care to Abandoned Animals


This project, carried out by East Mississippi Animal Rescue, will target pet overpopulation and the heartworm epidemic in Mississippi by providing veterinary care, including heartworm treatment and spay/neuter surgeries, to abandoned animals in the East Central region of the state.



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More than 73,000 animals are euthanized each year in the state of Mississippi. Although we, along with other rescue groups in the state, are working hard to lower this number, pet overpopulation and abandonment is a growing problem. In addition to high euthanasia rates, Mississippi also has the highest rates nationwide of heartworm disease- a potentially fatal condition that is costly to treat, but can be prevented.


Through this project, we aim to provide spay/neuter surgeries to abandoned animals prior to adoption. By advocating for and enforcing spay/neuter surgeries, we target the pet overpopulation problem and in turn, hope to decrease the number of animals euthanized in Mississippi each year. This project will also allow us to provide treatment for animals diagnosed with heartworm disease.

Long-Term Impact

We will provide, promote, and enforce spay/neuter surgeries for all adoptions through our organization, which will impact the high euthanasia and pet overpopulation rates in Mississippi. We will provide treatment for animals diagnosed with heartworms, allowing them to live longer lives free from a serious, potentially fatal disease.

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