Save the Lives of Domestic Pigeons & Doves


Every year Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions saves hundreds of domestic, unreleasable birds from death by providing rescue, coaching, referrals, veterinary care, foster & forever homes. Palomacy is closing a deadly gap in the animal rescue community. Smart, gentle, innocent domestic pigeons & doves, bred for business & hobbies, lost & injured, can’t live free & need our help to be rescued & adopted. They deserve compassion. They are not disposable. Euthanasia is not the alternative to adoption.


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Unbeknownst to many, millions of domestic pigeons & doves are bred, used & abused (as if disposable) by businesses & hobbyists. Many die (squab, raced pigeons, ceremonial doves, birds used to train hunting dogs & falcons, etc.), but even those lucky enough to survive get killed unless people know how to rescue, adopt & care for them. These smart, gentle, innocent pigeons & doves, bred to be dependent on humans, need rescue, foster homes, vet care, adoption & humane advocacy to live.


Palomacy saves these discarded, displaced & “surplus” domestic pigeons & doves from death. (In 2020, we placed 257 birds with adopters in Northern California & helped countless others all over the country & beyond through our website & online Help Group.) Palomacy mobilizes hundreds of volunteers to publicize these overlooked companion birds; fundraises to provide avian vet care & foster placements; educates, advocates, develops & assists new adopters to provide safe, wonderful forever homes.

Long-Term Impact

Already Palomacy has increased awareness & support for the plight of pigeons & doves. Many shelters no longer euthanize these innocent birds but instead publicize & care for them until foster or forever homes are available. Prior to Palomacy, there was an ignored fatal gap, both in awareness & resources, in the animal rescue community. We were failing to meet humane responsibilities. By generating compassion for humble pigeons & doves, we model that all can be adopted rather than euthanized.

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