Spay and Neuter for 3000 dogs in Romania

Spay And Neuter For 3000 Dogs In Romania​


Ongoing spay/neuter of street and owned dogs in Romania to humanely decrease the population of unwanted street, stray and abandoned dogs. Free sterilization, veterinary treatments, and veterinary training provided.


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There are thousands of abandoned dogs. The animals suffer from starvation, abuse, being hit by cars, and disease. The people suffer from the animals that roam in packs. Each unsterilized female dog and her offspring can potentially produce 67,000 offspring in 6 years (according to Dogs and Death Row, PETA, and numerous online resources). Humanely spaying/neutering keeps the animals from suffering and from running in packs or being aggressive.


This will decrease the suffering of animals born unwanted, abandonment, and in shelters. It will increase the value of the sterilized dog often and allow for more adoptions.People often abandon pregnant females, in heat females, and puppies. Spaying will stop this. Intact male dogs roam and impregnate the females. This will stop this. Neutering males also may decrease aggression.

Long-Term Impact

The long term effects are that no more puppies will be born to suffer on the streets of Romania from these 3000 sterilized dogs. Roaming packs of dogs in communities will decrease. Fewer dogs/pups go to horrible shelters. Fewer abandonment of unwanted puppies, in heat females, and pregnant females. Males often have decreased aggression after sterilization. Dogs will not suffer from pyometra ( mammary cancer, testicular cancer, or sticker tumors.

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