Spay and Neuters on Dogs-Cats in Bucharest

Spay and Neuters on Dogs-Cats in Bucharest


Animal Spay and Neuter International has a team of vets that travel around the world spaying and neutering peoples pets. This is funded by donations and the operations are carried out free of charge. This in turn reduces the amount of stray dogs on the streets. Currently focusing on Romania ASNI will carry out the sterilisations at the Center of Hope Animal Hospital near Bucharest in Romania, which was built and is run by Romania Animal Rescue ASNI’s sister charity.


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Currently there are many stray dogs and cats on the streets in Piteasca and the villages around Bucharest. They are at risk of causing and or being involved in car accidents, leaving them on the streets with broken bones. Puppies are often left to their own devices on the streets and fields due to the owners not having the resources to care for them or spay the mother of the pups. The adult females are prone to illnesses such as tumours or pyometra of the uterus.


ASNI intends to sterilise dogs and cats that are owned by impoverished families reducing the amount of puppies and kittens born, and in turn avoiding litters being discarded in the local fields/streets. This will obviously prevent further unwanted births for the adult females and prevent pyometra and further complications such as mammary or uterine tumours.

Long-Term Impact

UPDATE 10.12.20 : The project is being expanded due to the generosity of the public so we can help more animals than we initially hoped for. The project will spay and neuter as many animals as funding allows limiting the amount of animals an owner has to care for, and the likelihood of puppies being discarded. In turn this will reduce the amount of animals on the streets as strays.

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