Two thirds of electricity in Nigeria is provided by diesel and petrol generator sets due to limited and unreliable grid electricity. Small business owners such as vendors in rural areas spend up to 50 percent of their revenue on petrol generators, while these generators only provide an average of 8-10 hours of power per day.


Together, these energy challenges present a significant obstacle to doing business in Nigeria, resulting in economic losses of approximately $29 billion each year.
Many of Nigeria’s 37 million small business owners would prefer to switch to a cheaper and cleaner solar alternative, but most cannot afford the upfront cost of a solar system.
At Hope Donors, we have funded and installed multiple solar panels for local vendors and schools in Nigeria. While construction of solar power plants is fast and relatively easy and we are actively initiating more solar panel projects in Nigeria, the high cost of solar panels remains a challenge for installing solar panels more frequently and faster. Your help enables us to construct more solar power plants in Nigeria at a faster rate so more people can have access to electricity. For more updates on our work, please follow us on our social media.