Emergency Veterinary Care for Pets of the Homeless

Veterinary Care for Pets of the Homeless


Your donation will help a pet that belongs to a homeless person in the U.S., and Canada. We provide emergency veterinary care and pet food to the hundreds of thousands of pets that are companions to the homeless.


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Each year, 3.5 million experience homelessness in America according to the National Coalition for the Homeless. We estimate that 10-25% of homeless have pets, many are service animals The need for veterinary care is at an all-time high when a pet is injured or ill.


Our organization is important to the homeless people that need veterinary care for their companion pets. It is about the people who need help for their ill or injured pets. In some cases, the homeless survive with the daily responsibility of pet guardianship. There is scientific evidence that shows animals are good for us. From depression and post-traumatic stress disorder to heart health and autism, the human-animal bond has a powerful, measurable impact on people’s lives.

Long-Term Impact

Everyday we receive calls to end the pain and suffering of pets that belong to the homeless. One pet at a time- we strive to reunite healthy, pain free pets back to their homeless guardians. In doing so we are also keeping communities safe from diseases. We are keeping the bond of animal/human love alive with your donation.

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