World Peace Day 2021

This year’s World Peace Day with the theme: “Recovering Better For An Equitable And Sustainable World” comes while Afghanistan is in a serious crisis of the Taliban and the threat of terrorist attacks threatens the people in other countries.


In addition, all the peoples of the world have understood the meaning of world peace more than ever this year. Because we have all been fighting against an enemy for some time.

The coronavirus is a new enemy that has targeted our lives and health as human beings, and peace and unity are the main cause of its defeat. India is still struggling with Covid-19 and many people in India die every day due to this disease.

Despite these circumstances, the peace bell will ring every year on September 21 at the United Nations in New York. Every year on World Peace Day, a “Peace Bell” rings at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The bell is a gift from the United Nations Office in Japan, made by collecting donated coins from children all over the world except Africa, with the words: “Long Live Absolute World Peace.”

At Hope Doners, we make every effort to achieve “Absolute World Peace.” In this regard, we helped Afghan refugees. We hope you will join us in this way.